Family Law​ “It comes down to the way you treat people. When you treat people with dignity and respect all the time, you can work through anything.” John Bacon, Sculptor (1738-1820)​

Family Law

Family Law

When faced with decisions regarding marriage, separation, divorce, property division, child custody and temporary protective orders, you may start out feeling overwhelmed. But, you do not have to make these decisions hastily or without receiving enough information so that you can make them intelligently.

An initial consultation at our office is the right first step towards resolution and ultimate peace of mind. We can provide you with alternative ways to move forward with your life that may be considerably less expensive and less time consuming than traditional court proceedings.

If you are contemplating marriage or have recently been married, we can help you determine whether a pre- or post-nuptial agreement is appropriate and, if so, what types of things would be addressed.

On the other hand, if you are coming to the end of the road in your relationship, we would like to help you decide whether traditional litigation, collaborative divorce, or mediation is the right path for you.